Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Seven Links Challenge

Every sunday morning i like to go through the list of blogs i enjoy following. Its my version of reading the sunday newspaper. Except that instead of catching up on current affairs, I'm reading about food and stories of what each blogger has been up to that week.

So it was really nice to discover that i have been invited by the  talented and lovely Caroline over at Sweetcarolinescooking to participate in the Seven Links Challenge. This involves sharing seven different categories of my past posts. 

Within the challenge i also need to list five other food bloggers to pass the challenge on to. This again is another tough one. Since starting With Milk and Flour, i have come across so many amazing blogs. Here are five from my long list of favourite food blogs that i would like to pass the challenge on to:


Now for food bloggers such as Caroline, who have many wonderful recipes on their blog, the challenge will have been in narrowing down which posts to choose. My challenge is fitting in the small number of posts i have from the blog into the categories.

Here it goes:

The Most Beautiful Post: I'm rarely completely satisfied with the way my food looks or my photos of them. However, in terms of lighting, composition, the colours and materials i used, i pick the Peanut butter and chocolate-chip cookies post

The Most Popular: The post on Food Films has generated the most hits, but surprisingly the least comments.

The Most Controversial Post: I'm way to conservative to be controversial. Here I'm going to mention the Salmon and broccoli bake as it was my first savoury dish, as opposed to sweet, which was made involving the use of milk and flour. 

The Most Helpful Post: I've yet to post anything that is particularly helpful other than to make people feel hungry. However, if you ever wake up feeling in need of cheering up, these Chocolate Chip Pancakes will definitely do the job.

The Most Surprisingly Successful Post: I was really surprised at how well received the Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake was, as it didnt turn out to be as visually pleasing as i would have liked. Everyone who ate this commented, several times, on how much they loved it. Which goes to show, looks arent everything. 

The Most Under Rated Post: This Lime Coconut Semifreddo didnt get much of a look in, though that might of been partly down to the uninspired photo. Make this for anyone who loves lime and coconut, its delicious.

The Most Proud of Post: These Orange Custard Cream Cupcakes were my first attempt at making cupcakes with a custard centre. Having been involved in afew custard splitting situations, I was so happy when they turned out well without problems. I was also pleased to be able to capture, in the photos, the sunshine inducing attributes of the cupcakes on that rainy dreary day.


  1. Your chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, strawberry meringue layer cake and especially your orange custard cream cupcakes look especially decadent :)

  2. Thank you soo much for including me in your 5 list. It's v sweet of you and I'm touched. I've really been having a crisis of confidence this weekend so you've timed it perfectly. Hehe.

    Congratulation to you, it's great to look over your posts, to see all you have achieved in such a short space of time. Hat's off to you.

  3. Aw, thanks so much for your sweet words. Awesome job on the challenge and you picked some great bloggers! Thanks for sharing those orange custard cream cupcakes (I hadn't seen them yet)...they look AMAZING. Just look at it oozing out of the cake. Yum!! Can you tell I have a massive sweet tooth? :)

  4. Becca - They were indeed, its no surprised that i have gained weight since starting this blog!

    Iona - Judging by the lovely comments you've been receiving, your readers think your blog is wonderful. As do I. Enjoy the challenge, you have some really great posts to reflect on.

    Caroline - Thank you so much for your support and for being kind enough to invite me to participate in the challenge. It was fun relecting on the past posts. I do have a really sweet tooth. I have been known to eat chocolate bars for breakfast, much to the horror of my work colleagues!

  5. Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in this challenge! It's such a fun idea to bring life to old blog posts...and the ones you've picked are perfect.

  6. Thelittleloaf - Just read your 7 links challenge post, its left me wishing for a slice of the flourless chocolate cake! A great round up of posts.

  7. I've been loving these posts- it's such a fantastic way to get a glimpse into the gold that is tucked in people's archives. Your photographs are just beautiful- I've just had the loveliest time trawling through your archives- thank you!

  8. Tori - Thank you for visiting the blog and your lovely comments! I agree, the links challenge has been such a good way to see what great posts other people have hiding on their blogs!