Thursday, 4 August 2011

Peters Yard coffee house and bakery in Edinburgh

Having studied there and is a city where some of my friends and family are located, Edinburgh in Scotland is a place where i instantly feel happy and at home. My visit there last weekend was no exception. 

The streets were filled with people out enjoying the sunny weather. As well as gearing up for The Fringe festival, the city was also host to a royal wedding.

Due to the diverse range of cafes and restaurants populating Edinburgh, my visits are a good opportunity to try somewhere new and interesting. I was delighted to discover the coffee house and Swedish bakery Peters Yard located in the Quartermile. For those of you that enjoy really good bread, cakes and pastries, a visit will leave you wishing you could eat here everyday.

This cardamon hot chocolate was lovely and aromatic, a hot chocolate for grown ups.

I was in awe of their extensive range of breads, cakes, cookies and pastries. This bun was delicious and surprisingly light, with a subtle hit of cardamon and spices.

After much deliberation, I chose the breakfast basket. With some compote, butter, cream cheese and cheddar cheese, i had lots of fun making different flavour combinations using the slices of white, rye, walnut and raisin and crisp breads which came with it. It was only out of sheer force of will power that i didnt try the mango cheesecake after the breakfast basket. 

Whilst the service was alittle disappointing, we had to remind the staff twice about our order, Peters Yard is now another item on my long list reasons to return Edinburgh.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Scotland! My best friend went last year with her boyfriend (he was born in Scotland), and had an amazing time. Sounds like you did as well, and all of this food looks delicious!

  2. Everything there looks wonderful! I can't resist fresh bread and butter, and the coffee looks so pretty! The mango cheesecake sounds fabulous by the way! I'd love to try that! :)

  3. Hi! I've just found you through "Joy the baker". I've been living in Edinburgh for a year and a half now. Can you believe that every time I try to go to Peters Yard I have to desist cause it's hiving with people?! I'll just have to keep trying.

  4. My sister is headed to Edinburgh today - I should forward her this post!

  5. I cant decide about Peters yard. It's a nice atmosphere and the cakes etc sound amazing but were actually a little disappointing. We had 4 between 2 just to make sure.... Im such a glutton.

  6. Caroline - Scotland is lovely

    Sheila - definitely going back for the mango

    Irma - So jealous that you live in Edinburgh! We managed to arrive just before lunch time so didnt have to queue for very long

    Deborah - Hope your sister enjoys her trip to Edinburgh

    Iona - Next time i'm going to try the other cakes just to be sure too!