Monday, 27 June 2011

Salmon and Broccoli bake

Steamed salmon and broccoli is my meal of choice if i'm wanting something quick and healthy. However, I've been eating it so often lately that i'm beginning to get taste fatigue from it. This recipe from the Good Food magazine, though not exactly classed as healthy, has renewed my enjoyment of the salmon and broccoli combination. It was also given the thumbs up by others.

The sundried tomatoes, broccoli and basil provide a source of vitamin C and fibre and the salmon and anchovies provide good sources of essentially fatty acids. But i wont lie to you it is quite high in fat.  

Regardless, its a delicious and versatile dish which i will defintely be making again.  The sauce is creamy but only lightly coats the ingredients, so doesnt overwhelm the broccoli or salmon, both of which are enhanced by the addition of the sun dried tomatoes, anchovies and basil.

I used creme fraiche to cut down the calories and added chilli and garlic to amp up the flavour. Chicken would probably work quite well here for the meat eaters.

Recipe - Salmon and broccoli bake adapted from Good Food magazine 2003

Serves 4-6 people


    250g penne
    300g broccoli , cut into large florets
    25g butter
    25g plain flour
    600ml milk
    100g mascarpone/creme fraiche
    8 sundried tomatoes (preserved in olive oil), drained and thickly sliced
    2 tbsp small capers (optional) rinsed to remove excess salt   or vinegar
    8 anchovy fillets, halved (optional)
    10 large fresh basil leaves, roughly torn
    4 fresh skinless salmon fillets
    50g mature cheddar
    Clove of garlic, crushed
    Large pinch of chilli flakes
    Freshly cracked pepper

Preheat the oven to 190C/gas 5/fan 170C and get out an ovenproof dish (measuring 20 by 30cm, and about 5cm deep). Meanwhile, put a large pan of water on to boil for the pasta. When it is boiling rapidly, tip in the pasta with a generous sprinkling of salt. Give it a stir, return to the boil and cook for 6 minutes. Add the broccoli, then return the water to the boil and cook for 4 minutes more, until the broccoli is on the firm side of just tender. Drain well.
While the pasta is cooking, put the butter, flour and milk in a large pan and heat, whisking or stirring continuously, until it thickens to make a smooth sauce. Remove from the heat and stir in the mascarpone or creme fraiche if using, sun-dried tomatoes, capers (if using), anchovies (if using, basil, chilli flakes, crushed garlic then add the pasta and broccoli and season well with cracked pepper and salt.
Halve the salmon fillets widthways (you will see that there is an obvious divide on each fillet) then place the pieces in a single layer on the base of the ovenproof dish. Spoon the broccoli mixture on top, then scatter with the grated cheddar. (You can chill this for up to 4 hours if you want to get ahead.)
Bake for 30 minutes until the mixture is just starting to bubble round the edges and the mixture is pale golden - don't let it go too dark or the fish will overcook.



  1. This looks and sounds delicious--and I don't even really like salmon! Love the addition of basil. Making me hungry!

  2. Thanks Caroline, was quite disappointed when there were no left overs left!

  3. Hey Mandy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your's is amazing!! You are so talented for the short time you have been doing it. As a new blogger I totally relate to your feeling of "why bother" when there are so many other great blogs out there and I totally agree in the fact that it is a journey and a process to go through and learn. I never ever through I would get so into it. All the different skills that I had no idea I would need to develop.... Anyways just wanted to say hi.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments Iona! The feeling is mutal, loved reading your blog and its great to have someone relate to.