Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend breakfast ritual

One of the things i look forward to on the weekends, besides having a lie in, is eating eggs on toast for breakfast. I invariably go for scrambled eggs on toast for easiness but also love eggs fried or poached. This weekend i thought i'd go 'Hole in the Bread Eggs' style, seen on Donal Skehans' blog at:

My work colleague Cara kindly gave me some eggs from her 3 chickens, Eggwina, Camilla and Henrietta who are fed on organic chicken feed and blueberries. Their eggs have a lovely flavour and vividly bright yellow yolks.

Besides being a fun way to serve eggs, this seems to be a less messy way of making them. They are a cross between fried and poached eggs, though avoid these if you dont like or are unable to eat your eggs runny.

When it comes to the eggs on toast breakfast ritual, I always have to have some green tea to go with it and all consumed whilst still in my PJs.

Do you have a favourite breakfast ritual?


  1. My family has always called this "Bullseye Eggs" call it whatever you want, I'm hungry now!!! Gorgeous photos :)

  2. My Mama made these every Saturday going up; now I am missing my mama and craving an egg in toast (we called them bird's nest)!!

  3. Cant believe its taken me so long to discover these! Thank you for your comments guys :)

  4. Just found your blog--great photos and lovely recipes!

  5. Thank you Caroline! Love the interesting recipes on your blog.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments :)

    My all time favourite breakfast has to be smoked salmon scrambled eggs on toasted home-made bread! Your brekkie looks so good and I love the idea of the egg served this way.


  7. Thank you for you lovely comments Maria. Have been following your blog for awhile now, its fab, so having you visit my blog feels abit like meeting a celebrity!

  8. I love anything to do with egg and bread together... I will very soon have a go at your recipe - looks yummy!

    I do an Indian style omelette and have it sandwiched between 2 slices of buttered bread....just perfect with a hot cuppa...

  9. I love the egg and bread combo too. Liking the sound of the indian omelette inbetween some buttered bread!