Sunday, 15 May 2011

First post

Hi! Welcome to the first post on my blog. Thoughts of food (particularly chocolate and cake) occupy a lot of space in my head as anyone who knows me would attest to. I thought a blog would be a good outlet for my obsession as well as helping me to further develop skills in photography and baking.

Its taken afew weeks to get this up and running. The name alone took a week to think of. There are a lot of food blogs out there and it was difficult finding something which someone else hadnt thought of. Thank you to Mel - no 'Afternoon Delight' is not a good name for a food blog! and Michael for listening to my ideas. Also to Zohra for your suggestions and helpfully advising me to stay away from names such as 'Mandys sticky buns' and 'Mandys tasty treats'.

I've been constantly fiddling about with the layout and design of the blog, it will continue to be a working progress.

It was fun doing my first photoshoot today. I took 60 shots! Thank you to Sarah who has kindly allowed me to borrow her super duper digital camera (Canon 450D) to practice on.

I hope you like it and that this is somewhere you can come to to share your foodie thoughts

Thank you for stopping by.

Mandy x 


  1. Well done sis for your first blog, this means we should get to taste more of your goodies right?!!! Can we put in our orders? How about vanilla slice to start :P

    I love the photos, like a pro!!

    Dont forget us when you become the next domestic goddess xx

  2. Ooh that cake looks rather yummy! Feel free to invite me to your next baking/tea party session :p

    Love the website. Hope to see more articles on soon!


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments and support guys!

  4. Your passion captured and displayed in this mouth watering manner is simply magical! I also love cakes and chocolate (this is visually apparent upon seeing me) It brings happiness to us all. Great stuff Mandy I look forward to eating one of your cakes soon. :+p

    Damien S

  5. Thank you for your kind words Damien! Dont you worry, i have alot of cake baking planned for the blog!

  6. Have enjoyed looking at this and will look forward to hearing more about your creativity in the kitchen! The coffee cake looks amazing, I'll have to try the recipe myself x

  7. Love the blog Mandy, very productive and showcasing of your talents!

  8. Goodness me! You nearly made me consider going to the supermarket and trying your recipes :) Lovely!